Dawn Schinina

Dawn found her true love while growing up in northern New Jersey in the heart of the Ramapo Mountains. There, she learned while spending most of her childhood playing in the woods, that she was not alone. 



As she was drawn to the mysteries and spirits of the old Revolutionary Soldiers that would watch over her, she would learn later in life that the forest had many stories to be told from the trees to the cool moss under the Great Oaks.



Dawn mixes her education in Fine Art  with the magic of the forest, while using her communication with spirits to channel mysteries.


As the owner of Shining Moon Readings, she uses her abilities as an empathetic intuitive to help others with their soul journey.



Dawn is also the Lead Adviser for The Paranormal Team of McHenry County. Grouping with other mediums and investigators to tackle local haunting and clear negative energies. 


She has created items to heal, protect and to enhance the pure enjoyment of small fantasies. 


Wayne Milarski


Wayne tangles his creative talent to enhance the magic of Whispering Oaks. 


His education in leather crafting, woodworking and masonry allows Wayne to create beautiful jewelry and magical items. 


He is also a Lead Investigator for The Paranormal Team of McHenry County where he uses his talent in investigative equipment to locate and communicate with local hauntings



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